Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that there shall be an Annual General Meeting on Saturday 1 February 2020 at 1400hrs, National Gallery Lecture room.




  1. Welcome remarks
  2. Introduction of the Interim committee
  3. Report back on the interim plans to revive the association and way forward.
  4. Elections of the New committee
  5. Address by the new Chairperson
  6. Any other Busines

Please note that the 2020 AGM is open to all practicing artists in and around Bulawayo. as the VAAB was not active, membership will start from the scratch.

New leadership at VAAB

We wish to announce that George Masarira has been elected as the V.A.A.B Interim Chairman effective 12 June 2019. Masarira is now putting together a team that will toward the revival of the VAAB activities and also to prepare for the 2020 Annual General Meeting that will be held on Saturday 1 February 2020.

Born on 09 May 1990, George is a dynamic young painter who is not intimidated by scale or any challenge.  Studied art for 2 years at Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre in Bulawayo.

In his own words

‘My art career stretches from 2008 to date fusing my studies and trade. I majored in fine art, ceramic design, pottery, and wood carving with a strong bias towards fine art. My fine art passion grew post my graduate period because of constant contact with renowned artist, Zacharia Mukwira, who now is a resident in Cape Town, South Africa.

My admission to the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo in 2013, saw a rapid growth of the artist in me. I was inspired to change and develop my art through networking and exposure to different versions of art and artist at the National Gallery. To date, I operate from a studio located at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo which has become my occupational space.

My artistic transition evolved as I find myself enclosed in a contemporary spectrum which influences and inspires most of my works. I am mainly inspired by contemporary unfolding around me, encompassing, politics, economic, religion, environment, and anything that involves cosmopolitan philosophy surrounding me. I am a provoking artist as most of my art describes what I feel to be the truth. I can be summarized as a radical cosmopolitan artist.

I refrain from art which does not speak to the heart and mind because every piece by George Masarira is a result of a blend of lens capturing, emotional raptures, philosophical triggers with a well thought out tapestry of hand movement and paintbrush stroke coordination. It would be a philosophical and monumental robbery to create memories and thoughts which do not change a life.” Amazwi Gallery.

 You can find more information about George here 

On 17 June, the chairman called for volunteers to join the team. The following artists

Tafadzwa Gwetai

Neville Starling

Jabulile Chinamasa

Charles Nkomo

Sikhulile Sibanda

Shamilla Aasha

The team will meet on Thursday 27 June 2019 to begin the work of reviving the activities and once again make VAAB great.

Currently, there is a project targeting young sculptors between the ages 18 to 35 that Masarira is working on together with the British Council.

For more information please contact




Curated by Cliford Zulu, Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Amalevuls is an exhibition putting into the spotlight the Zimbabwean events “THIS TIME LAST YEAR” weighing in on vocabularies such as ASANTE SANA, 1:1 BOND, TARGETING, CRIMINALS, AROUND, DISPENSATION, VISION, 2030, PROTEST, ELECTIONS and how they have impacted on our lives THIS YEAR. Amalevuls will make statements based on observation, scuttlebutt, research, news, lies and other verifiable sources with the bold statement whose focus is NOW.

📉     🎲  🎭  🗿  🚦📊  📈

So much has happened and so much has not happened in this context Amalevuls is a word inspired by the English word levels as a verb means –heights to raise or lower to a particular level or position, to make horizontal, to bring (something) to the level of the ground, to knock down (a person), to make equal, to make even or uniform, to reduce in number or regularize.

In the context of Zimbabwe this time last year; the word relates to the feelings and emotions, experience, hope, hopelessness an anomaly of memory, since despite the strong sense of recollection, the time, place, and practical context of the “previous” experience or Déjà vu. The show by Bulawayo artists will aim to bring all these experiences into one space where the audiences will continue the dialogue reflect and move forward with memory that will remain them of this time last year even in the next 10 years.

Entries are open to artists across the country as long as they deliver their work at the National Gallery in Bulawayo by end of day Friday 30 November 2018. Submissions must be made at the gallery reception by to fully paid-up members at $10 for 2019 membership in studio 5 and $5 as entry fee paid at the gallery reception ($15) Deadline for submission is November 30 and the exhibition will open at the NGBs Marshall Baron Gallery on Friday 14 December 2018 marking the end of the 2018 exhibition calendar and artist end of year after party.

The following categories will be recognised and awarded

Overall best work

Best female artist

Young artist of promise

For more information please contact the curator, Cliford Zulu on 0292270721 or email:

31st Annual VAAB exhibition: Mapping the Future


1. HOW TO APPLY: open to all VAAB members, should complete the exhibition entry form below and include a biography and artist statement. Entry form must be accompanied by a $3.00 entry, $7.00 membership fees for 2018. Total $ 10.00
2. Each entry shall bear a label securely fastened clearly marked: VAAB 31nd Annual Exhibition 2017, tittle, medium, price, artist name and address email and Telephone
3. INSURANCE: Artists are advised to make their own arrangements to insure the work, as the VAAB or its agents will not be held liable for any loss or damages to the artworks.
4. SELECTION OF WORKS/ AWARDS: The curatorial team will select the works to be exhibited and the award winners, the decision reach by the team is final.
5. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: ALL works must be submitted on or before 31 October 2017. Exhibition Dates: Thursday 30 November to 19 February 2018
6. SALES OF WORKS: Artists must specify on their entry forms which work/s is/ are for sale. The National Gallery will deduct 25% commission and 15% VAT from all works sold.
7. UNCOLLECTED WORK: All work must be collected after the close of the exhibition on 19 to 20 February 2018, the V.A.A.B or the National Gallery will be entitled, without notice to the Artist, to sell or otherwise dispose such work/s and to devote the proceeds from such a sale or disposition to whatever purpose deemed appropriate.
8. Regretfully, V.A.A.B has no storage space to accommodate uncollected works.
9. Although the works will be received and stored and displayed with due care and order the Curator VAAB, National Gallery and staff and sponsors shall not be held responsible for any damages or loss of part or the whole artwork submitted to for this exhibition.


Contacts: 0772896508 for entry form and 2018 membership application

Visual Artists meeting

 Notice is Hereby given that there shall be a meeting of Bulawayo Visual Artists on Wednesday 21 December 2016 @ 1600hrs National Gallery in Bulawayo 75 J.M.N Nkomo St, Bulawayo.
1. A.G.M meeting.
3. 30th Annual exhibition.
4. 2016 review and 2017 prospects.
5. Any other Business.
Please confirm your participation by commenting below or on the VAAB Facebook page

Cliford Zulu

VAAB 30th Annual Exhibition 2016: Mthakathi

Visual Artists’ Association of Bulawayo
30th Annual Exhibition 2016
Theme: Mthakathi

Submission date: 30 November 2016

In celebrating the VAABs 3oth edition of the annual exhibition 2016, the committee of the VAAB in partnership with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe is inviting submissions to the Annual exhibition and full participation by members and independent artists throughout the country. The 30th Annual exhibition is expected to make statements concerning the development of our association over the past years but above all demonstrate the social developments, environmental surroundings and cultural heritage.
What does Mthakathi mean to you? The definition of the word according to local a historian implies ability to master or perfect a particular skill or talent by an individual or a group of people. In this context, Mthakathi is looking at VAAB @ 30 the tradition, legacy and culture. The annual exhibition will seek to be seen as a modern space for creative memory of our association and growth driving to preserve companionship among visual artist’s and cultural archives of the country’s contribution to the creative activities in the post-independence Zimbabwe, over the past 30years.
Submissions to the 30th VAAB Annual Exhibition 2016, can be made by VAAB members aged over 18 years. Artworks may fall into a wide range of genres associated with art and design these include painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, performance, design, craft, sound and any new media. Submissions must reach the National Gallery in Bulawayo on or before Wednesday 30 November r 2016.
The exhibition will be held at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, one of the principal partners to the work of the VAAB and most beautiful spaces for contemporary art in the country opening on Friday 09, December at 1730hrs and run until 20 February, 2016.

For additional information, please contact: the Curator Cliford Zulu
NGB 75 Joshua M.N Nkomo Street Bulawayo, T +263 9 70721 /,

Extra- Ordinery General Meeting 2016


Notice is hereby given that there shall be an Extra-Ordinery General Meeting on Saturday 11 June 2016 at 1400hrs, National Gallery Lecture room.


1. Welcome remarks
2. The Committee
3. Activities
* Life Drawing Class Exhibition
* 30th Annual VAAB exhibition 2016
* Life Drawing Class
* Saturday Art Classes
4. Workshops
5. Membership
6. Partnerships
7. Fundraising
Any other Business
Mzilikazi Art and Craft centreSAM_4226

Life drawing continues


The life drawing classes continues in partnership with the National Gallery in Bulawayo and we are excited about the class as we look forward to the Life Drawing Class exhibition this June during the winter break. Feel free to join us every Tuesday from 1700hrs to 1830hrs bring along your sketch book or paper A2 of A3 size. We have tea so you can bring biscuit or juice. The class has four sessions quick sketches, 10 minute and 30 minutes sketches.

28th Annual VAAB exhibition 2015

For the 28th time we are pleased to present the VAAB annual exhibition in Bulawayo. The 28th edition is an open theme that focuses on empowering the young artist and is exploring the concept of arrangement and presentation as a unifier of artists. Though the exhibition is being curated under harsh economic challenges, we have thought-provoking perspectives and visually arresting artwork from contemporary Bulawayo artists who are speaking to the reality of their lives. They share artwork around various topics, in the process, they are defining what it means to be a modern Artist
This exhibition has a special feature by Bulawayo Surrealist painter Bekezela Nkosana Ncube. His work captures his personal feelings and approaches each work with an accurate title that engages the observer to the work. Bekezela also captures protest work and despite his physical challenge, Bekezela still paints so astutely and transforms each work into an arena of discourse ranging from the personal to the universal.
The rest of the show features young artist, fresh from training and also introduces self-taught artists like Tomeh Gauti. This exhibition is the cornerstone for the association and 2015 was a difficult year for the committee and the artists as more members lost the spirit of volunteering time and treasure. The exhibitions construction since November 2015, opened doors for subsequent generations of artists to explore combination and display of objects, whether from natural or manufactured sources however we are seeing very little of that in this exhibition. Also exciting is the work of Godfery Lotus Makopa instinctively combining objects and images of the murals this allowed his imagination to transcend time and space certainly he is in a good place to do contemporary installation work.
Young artists are known for diversity in approaching art work however our training institutions need to explore other mediums like sculpture and photography this will prepare our artists for exhibition spaces like Art fairs and biennales in Africa and beyond.

My hope is that this exhibition will begin a new discussion about the realities of what it means to be an artist in Bulawayo today. Listen to the moving stories, explore the striking artwork, and be inspired by their incredible courage. We hope the 28th annual might shift your perspective towards art appreciation in Zimbabwe
I am grateful to the all-weather partners the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo and the Alliance Francaises of Bulawayo for the support and to the committee of the VAAB who made this project come through 28 years on.

Cliford Zulu

29th Visual Artists’ Association of Bulawayo Annual Exhibition, and General Meeting


12 January 2016

The Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo VAAB will be holding its 29th Annual VAAB exhibition to open on 28 and the AGM to be held on Saturday 30 January 2016 at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.


So far 15 members submitted works hence this extended call. there is no theme so artists are free to express themselves in any form within the confines of humanity and the Zimbabwean law  as you might be aware, traditionally the VAAB opens in December of each year. However due to the feedback and challenges of membership expiring in December the committee has moved the annual show to open in January each year this way membership will run from January to December enabling the committee to implement most of the planned activities.
Regrettably we will not be giving awards this edition due to some funding challenges however we are still open to anyone willing to partner with the association to come through and  support. We are grateful to the National Gallery for the continued support over the past 29 years and we are expecting yet another exciting show. please download the form attached and drop it at the gallery together with your membership fee $10 and participating fee
The 28th AGM will be held on Saturday 30 January from 2pm and Visual Artists in Zimbabwe are invited to attend, this is an elective AGM after the current committee has competed its tenure, young leaders are encouraged to participate and take up leadership of the association and participate in developing the sector. the AGM will be held at the Lecture room and is expected to the addressed by the Director of Intwasa Arts festival Ko Bulawayo Mr R Baya.
Just a reminder the Visual Artist’s Association of Bulawayo is an ARTIST-LED association of visual. The association was founded in Bulawayo in 1983 VAAB continues to be a, Creative, artists- driven, people focused, self-sustaining and development oriented grouping which is visual artists & craft centered. V.A.A.B is registered as an association with National Arts Council of Zimbabwe working in partnership with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and other Arts organisations within and outside Zimbabwe.
To be a, Creative, artists- driven, people focused, self-sustaining and development oriented organisation which is visual artists & craft centred and gender sensitive.
Contributing towards the spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural and socio- political wellbeing of the visual artists and marginalised groups through the empowerment programmes and the promotion of sustainable development, as such we endeavours to create an open and creative platforms for a strong and active membership which sustains the work of the association, hence we shall work and collaborate with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and other Arts organisations in and outside Zimbabwe.
The broad aim of V.A.A.B is to encourage and stimulate artists and craft production in Bulawayo and Surrounding areas. By so doing, contributing to, and help shape Zimbabwean culture.
The V.A.A.B provides a structure within which the producer of art and Craft can increase the scope and standards of their work through such means as Workshops, Lectures, Debates, Film shows, etc.
To promote the marketing aspects of art and craft both locally and internationally through exhibitions Markets, etc.
To facilitate greater ties with individual(s)/artist(s) and cultural bodies both inside and outside Zimbabwe and Internationally.
To generally project the interest of Artists and Craft people in the area
The VAAB is run by a committee elected by members every three years
Chairperson: Cliford Zulu
Vice- Chairperson: Danisile Ncube
Treasurer: Nomvuyiso Mabi
Secretary: Dumisani Ndlovu
Membership recruitment and Development: Israel Israel
Exhibitions/Curating: Tafadzwa Gwetai
Workshops and Outreach: Hlanganani H. Masuku
Activities: includes but not limited to Art classes, Exhibitions, workshops, discussions, outreach and exchanges programes
Allow me to give thanks to all the members of the VAAB and sponsors for supporting our tenure and we look forward to a new team that take VAAB further towards the vision.
Cliford Zulu
Outgoing Chairman 2013-2015